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We all know that politics is a contentious topic, so why not wear your political beliefs in people faces everywhere you go.

In our politically divided world, it's essential to find the perfect shirt to be offensive and rub your superiority in liberal's faces.

We make quality political t-shirts that will instantly set you on top of the political food chain. Quid Pro Quo Joe specializes in making clothing for conservatives who love to laugh at how deranged the left is while making a fashion statement.

10% of profits go to the charity Freedom Service Dogs, so you can tell the left that you support a dog charity while you're at it. Sadly, the left doesn't like dogs, only illegal immigrants, so they won't care very much. Our slogan says it best “I'm not just a Democrat… I am also an asshole."



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Freedom Service Dogs.

We donate 10% off all profits to FREEDOM SERVICE DOGS.

Take care of your douchebag, sexist, racist grandpa here with some fresh one-liner shirts bearing the face of our new national treasure. Surely your grandpa is a seditious Nazi, even CNN and MSNBC said it's true.

"I gave order to my umm company that they should use all their efforts to to to sell everything that they were umm selling" -Joe Biden.
What the F*** did he just say?

You can't find our shirts anywhere else.

We sell out fast, don't wait!


How often do you release new clothes?

We release four new shirt designs monthly. 

Can I buy previous shirts?

Once we sell out of our stock or the month ends, they are gone for good. In the future we may sell any left-over supply at discounted rates to members of our mailing list. 

Where are your shirts designed and printed?

All of our products are proudly designed and printed in the United States. We aren’t like Nike. No sweatshops for us. 

Did democrats cheat to win the 2020 election?

Who has to ask such a stupid question? Have you honestly ever seen a Joe Biden rally with more then 5 people? CNN and MSNBC don’t count!